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Binance Labs, Coinbase Backed Web3 Gaming Guild GuildFi Rebrands to Zentry

Web3 gaming guild GuildFi which raised $140 million from Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca, Pantera Capital, Hashed and others, has been rebranded to Zentry. In an announcement, Zentry said the rebranding was a strategic decision and as part of this revamp the firm will relaunch GuildFi. Zentry will introduce a new token conversion program where holders of the original GuildFi token $GF will be able to convert to the new Zentry token $ZENT. In addition to linking Web3 and Web2 games, social media and in real-life (IRL) activities will unify the community of gamers. This tech also creates a new game of games in itself, said the firm.

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