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Bitcoin Hits $62K; Ethereum Surpasses $3400;+DOGE- SHIB- PEPE Rally

Today, the top cryptocurrencies experienced a bullish trend with Bitcoin jumping to $62,000 and Ethereum climbing over $3,400. However, some alternative coins faced significant drops. Alongside, other prominent altcoins like XRP, Cardano (ADA), and Solana (SOL) also saw impressive increases in their values. The Bitcoin price continued its upward trajectory, surpassing $62,000 with a 9.24% increase, reaching $62,517.10 by Thursday, February 29. Its trading volume surged by an impressive 124.08% to $90.42 billion within the last 24 hours, while its market cap stood at $1.22 trillion. Ethereum surged 5.42% to $3,444.36, accompanied by a trading volume spike of 117.50% to $36.90 billion. 

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