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BLUR Price Surges to 30-Day High Amid Bullish Momentum

Despite kicking off the day at an intra-day low of $0.1796, the Blur (BLUR) market bulls have had the upper hand over the previous 24 hours. As a result, positive momentum drove the BLUR price to a 30-day high of $0.2278 before a modest decrease. BLUR was trading at $0.1859, up 3.17% from its 24-hour low, at press time. During the price increase, BLUR’s market capitalization and 24-hour trading volume increased by 3.53% and 180.03%, to $187,825,792 and $295,555,295 respectively. This market capitalization and trading volume growth implies that investor interest and activity in BLUR have increased significantly. However, if the bullish trend fades, BLUR may find support around the $0.1800 level.

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