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Dogwifhat Becomes 4th-Largest Meme Coin as Community Completes Fundraising

The Solana (SOL) blockchain's red-hot meme coin dogwifhat (WIF) is heading to Las Vegas after community members raised enough funds to display the token's mascot – a Shiba Inu wearing a pink beanie – on the Sphere, the city's orb-shaped entertainment venue. The campaign garnered over $690,000 in USDC stablecoin in donations as of Wednesday, completing the fundraising in less than four days and overshooting the $650,000 target, the campaign's website said. Dogwifhat became an instant hit since its launch late last year, emerging as one of the most popular memes of this crypto market cycle. Benefitting from the fundraising's attention, WIF gained 35% over the past 24 hours, CoinMarketCap data shows.

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