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Dolomite Exchange Breach: Hacker Pilfers $1.8M In USDC

A hacker exploited vulnerabilities in Dolomite's smart contracts, absconding with $1.8 million in USDC, prompting the exchange's development team to issue mitigation measures. A recent report from blockchain security platform CertiK reveals a significant security breach within the Dolomite crypto exchange. An old contract, once utilized by Dolomite, became the gateway for a hacker to abscond with approximately $1.8 million worth of USD Coin (USDC). Dolomite, a decentralized exchange and money market protocol, initially launched on Ethereum in 2019 before migrating to the Arbitrum network in 2022. Despite transitioning away from Ethereum, users can still access its Ethereum version utilizing developer tools owing to the immutable nature of smart contracts. 

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