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Ethereum enters the weekend on top of NFT market with over US$11 million in daily sales

Ethereum NFT sales rose 5.21% to US$11 million on Friday to lead the market while Bitcoin, Thursday’s top network, had a 16% slump. Bitcoin ranked second on Friday with US$10.21 million in total sales. Solana, ranked third, experienced a 21.58% sales drop to US$5.30 billion. Solana had two projects, Mad Lads and Froganas, in the top 10 collection rankings on Friday, with both projects recording under US$1 million. This is the first day of the week that did not have a Solana project among the top three collections. Mythos, fourth in the ranking, showed a positive trend with a 10.71% increase in sales, reaching US$1.08 million in the last 24 hours.

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