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Ethereum Layer-2 Protocol Starknet Sheds Light On What Caused 4-Hour Block Outage

An error within Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Starknet caused a four-hour block outage on April 4, the protocol team revealed in an April 5 statement on X. According to the statement, Starknet discovered a “rounding error bug that led to the reorg of blocks” causing the transaction backlog to hit full capacity. Data from CoinGecko shows that the outage caused the price of Starknet to drop to $1.82 by Thursday morning, though by the time of publication that had increased to $1.91. Thursday’s four-hour outage marks the latest challenge for the Israel-based protocol, having experienced delays in early March following the adoption of Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade designed to reduce Layer-2 rollup fees.

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