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Litecoin trading volume jumps 30% amid halving hype

The third Litecoin (LTC) halving is only hours away, and market data indicates a surge in LTC trading activity in the last 24 hours. This halving happens every 840,000 blocks, according to Litecoin’s whitepaper. The previous halving in 2019 led to a significant uptick in Litecoin’s value. Per historical data from CoinMarketCap, between Aug. 2 and Aug. 9, 2019, in the run-up to the last halving, LTC prices see-sawed between $91 and $95, finally skyrocketing to $105.59 on the day of the halving itself. Unsurprisingly, the anticipation for the 2023 event is palpable, with Litecoin experiencing a demand surge.

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