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MAVIA Price Jumps 33% Amid Bitget Listing and Token Airdrop

MAVIA, the native cryptocurrency of the free-to-play Web3 game Heroes of Mavia, has registered a strong 33% price rally within two days of launch, shooting all the way to $4.0. The rally comes as crypto exchange Bitget listed MAVIA in the Innovation and GameFi Zone. At press time, the MAVIa price is trading around $3.76. Heroes of Mavia has unveiled the MAVIA token, distributing it via airdrop to 100,000 players and holders of 10,000 Ethereum non-fungible token (NFT) land plots within the game. Heroes of Mavia is available on both Android and iOS platforms, operates with MAVIA as its native token and offers players access to NFT land plots within the game. 

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