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Max Boonen's PV01 Tokenizes $5M Treasury Bill, Plans to Look at Corporate Bonds

Tokenization company PV01, helmed by founders of crypto market maker B2C2, has completed its first tokenized bond sale under English law, the team said Tuesday. The asset was a tokenized version on the Ethereum blockchain of a single U.S. Treasury bill worth $5 million issued on April 8 and redeemed a week later, with market makers B2C2, BlockTower Capital and Keyrock investing in PV01's "proof-of-concept" issuance. Bermuda-based PV01 emerged from stealth a year ago under the leadership of Max Boonen and Flavio Molendini, founders of B2C2, joining the race to bring real-world assets (RWA) such as Treasuries and bonds to blockchain to make transactions cheaper, faster and more transparent.

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