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Parity Hacker Returns, Laundering $9M in Ethereum After 7 Years of Inactivity

According to reports from Cyvers Alerts, the hacker who stole 150,000 ETH from the Parity Multisig Wallet version 1.5 in 2017 has resurfaced, moving stolen Ethereum worth $9 million to cryptocurrency exchange eXch. The hacker still has control over 83,017 ETH, amounting to $246.6 million stolen during the 2017 incident. A post from X by Cyvers Alerts acknowledges the hacker’s notable patience, marking a significant event in cryptocurrency history. They commenced the laundering of 3,050 ETH, equivalent to $9M, through eXch, employing various consolidated addresses. The hacker found a programmer-introduced bug that allowed them to re-initialize the wallet, effectively restoring it to factory settings.

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