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PEPE Price Skyrockets 8%

The PEPE meme coin witnessed significant activity today, with a major crypto investor spending 1 million USDC to purchase 807 billion tokens. The PEPE coin price has had a rough seven days, see-sawing between a high of $0.00000128 and a low of $0.00000108. But after shedding off 5% from its price on August 8, Pepe took a turn, rising rapidly from $0.00000113 to $0.00000122. During this rise, the unnamed whale took a punt and splashed 1 million USDC ($1,000,300) on 807 billion PEPE coins, each priced at around $0.000001239. With PEPE currently trading at $0.00000120, an 8.4% jump from the previous 24 hours, the whale’s meme coin stash is valued at approximately $968,000.

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