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Uranium Finance hacker executes $2.5m BUSD transfer to Ethereum

The Uranium Finance attacker has transferred 2.5 million BUSD from the BNB chain to Ethereum (ETH) using On Jan. 22, On-chain analytics platform PeckShield Alert reported the transfer of 2.5 million BUSD from the BNB Chain to Ethereum, leveraging the protocol, a DEX aggregator. This movement involved the conversion of assets to 812 ETH and approximately $500,000 in stablecoins. The attacker’s strategy involved distributing 500,000 BUSD across six transactions and 100,000 BUSD in another. The batch of transactions, executed within an hour, sparked discussions in the crypto community. The exploiter’s BNB Chain address held over $15 million in assets, comprising BUSD and Wrapped BNB (WBNB). 

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