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Yearn Finance Voters to Wintermute

Wintermute Trading, one of the biggest market makers in crypto, has hit some governance roadblocks as it hunts for yield across decentralized finance (DeFi) – an ecosystem it helps prop up. The proprietary trading firm, which supports the DeFi industry by supplying liquidity, is trying and failing to convince supporters of Yearn Finance to loan it 350 YFI tokens – worth over $2 million – in exchange for Wintermute supporting markets for Yearn’s yCRV token. Yearn voters are roundly rejecting the advances as extremely unfair. Securing YFI tokens from Yearn can help Wintermute earn more yield in its token dealmaking. Wintermute first envisioned paying Yearn 0.10% interest on a 12-month loan from its treasury.

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